School Council

The school council is made up of children from primary 4 – 7. There are 12 members in the school council. The members are as follows:

Primary 4 – Meara, Eda and Callum.                      

Primary 5 – Eva, Jude and Brandon.

Primary 6 – Mia, Matthew and Caoimhe.

Primary 7 – Eibhlin, Conan and Liam.

The members are voted in by their class peers. Each teacher discusses what makes a good school councillor with their class prior to the votes taking place. Good school council qualities include:

  • Being a good listener, listen to others points of view.

  • A good note taker

  • Co –operative

  • Good at speaking out to the group

  • Can take turns

  • Sensible

  • Well mannered

This year the agenda is as follows:

Meeting 1- November

  • Discuss Christmas Concert - programme and trifold about the concert.

  • Children to write about concert.

  • Advertising for the night of performance.

Meeting 2 - November

  • Update on advertising.

  • Have all class been involved?

  • Putting the trifold and programme together.

  • Acknowledgements etc.

Meeting 3 - January

  • Healthy eating at break.

  • Healthy snacks - what is allowed, create rules and advertising healthy eating around the school.

Meeting 4 - February/ March

  • Playground buddies - discuss

  • Is it needed? How would this take place?

Meeting 5 - March/April

  • Playground activities. What would you like? Are you happy with the current activities etc?

The votes are anonymous and the children can only be voted in once every two years.

The main purpose of the school council is to give the children a voice about what happens in their school. They are involved in a number of very invaluable activities for the school throughout the year. They have timetabled meetings with Mrs McAllister, the teacher coordinator of the school council. The children are involved in fund raising, the Christmas concert and carol service, healthy eating, school rules, promoting good behaviour and much more. They are also going to play an active part in our new Global Learning programme which raises awareness of global climate changes and global justice issues.


School councils – Christmas concert.

Every year the school council play a very important role in advertising and creating programmes, tickets, posters and writing synopsis for the Christmas concert and carol service.  

We would like to thank the school council for all their hard work and dedication throughout the year as they give up their play time during break and lunch on many occasions. 


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