Shared Education

The Shared Education Signature Project has been created under the Delivering Social Change (DSC) framework. The framework aims to deliver a reduction in poverty and associated issues across all ages and to improve children and young people's health, well-being and life opportunities.

The Shared Education project replaces our old CRED work and the overall aim of it is to scale up the level of sharing throughout schools in Northern Ireland. Teachers and pupils will have opportunities to share learning, resources and expertise whilst building and maintaining relationships and friendships.

Our school continues to enjoy an extremely well established link with Broughshane Primary School. The Shared Education Project is an intrinsic part of future development work for both schools. Having successfully secured the necessary funding, we are now at a stage where we plan to involve the entire school in this exciting work; over the course of a three year rolling programme.

At Foundation Shared Education concepts are currently embedded through our PDMU curriculum. Younger children are learning the language of equality and respect. They are becoming familiar with concepts surrounding diversity and thus will be better equipped to progress into the planned activities for them in year three of the project.

Yr1 Programme: Making Friends

We will focus on getting to know each other and how we are different yet the same.

Day 1: In Broughshane - Introduction, name game and play session.

Day 2: In St. Patrick's - Recap and re-introduce ourselves, circle time and play session.

Day 3: In Broughshane - Drama and songs with Tom Sweeney, plenary session and finish with a picnic.

Yr2 Programme

Day 1: Buddy Up Day - Getting to know each other, snack and play
Day 2: Spring walk and visit to the duck pond - Water Safety, snack and play.
Day 3: Importance of Water Safety, snack and play.

At Key Stage 1, Primary 3 and Primary 4, the Shared Education concepts are embedded through outdoor learning and PDMU, with links to Literacy, Numeracy, WAU, Art and PE. The children are building on friendships established in P1&2 while working and co-operating together on various activities. They are learning how to keep themselves safe, how people, plants and animals survive and about conflict resolution in a non-threatening environment.

Yr 3 Programme

The children will visit Sainsbury's in Ballymena as part of our shared education topic to learn about fresh food from local farms in Northern Ireland (Farm to Fork). They will also go on a nature walk to look for signs of spring, plant seeds and use iPads to create books displaying all their work for their programme.

Yr 4 Programme

The children have been completing the PDMU topic 'Sarah and the Whammi' in class and will create their own Whammis together, discussing what animals need to survive and adapt to their surroundings. They will visit Glenariff Forest Park and build shelters for the Whammis from materials found in the forest. The children will also go on a nature walk, create nature pictures from items they find and participate in team building activities using their senses.

At KS2, each year group has their own clear set of events which allow the children to develop ideas, explore concepts, enhance learning experiences and nurture lasting relationships with our partner school.

Please watch this space for updated images of events for 2020.

Yr 5 Programme: St. Patrick’s Journey
School exchanges: visits to respective schools (focus on learning through ICT and animation)
Visit St. Patrick’s Chapel, Loughguile
Visit St. Patrick’s Church of Ireland, Broughshane
Trip to Slemish Mountain, Broughshane


Yr 6 Programme: Working Together to Build Bridges
Problem Solving -  Working together to solve problems through Numeracy in both schools.

ICT - using the Green Screen app to create a news report in Broughshane PS

STEM - building water rockets in Loughguile PS

STEM - visit to W5 in Belfast


Yr 7 Programme: ‘Our Communities’
Having built relationships and friendships throughout previous years, and learned a little about the differences between us, the aim of the final year of the programme is to explore some of our similaritites. These lie not only among us as people but also among us as rural communities. So, we aim to make the most of the facilities in our villages to learn a little about where we come from.

Visit Gruaig Wind Farm, Corky
Visit Broughshane House Museum and Duck Pond
Participating in a number of Literacy lessons to create a product for a 'Dragon's Den' situation within our schools. The children will discuss advertising the product too. 

Joint Sports day for all Primary 7 pupils of both schools.

Year 7 pupils will also work on the novel The Twelfth Day of July and exchange opinions online using Edmodo.


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