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A surprise visitor to school had our Nursery - P3 children very excited!

Anti-bullying Week Activities

Although 'bullying' is not a word we use in P1, for Anti-bullying Week we talked about how important it is to accept people as they are. We looked at similarities and differences in ourselves and realised that we are all special.

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P.4. discussed bullying as a class. They started with a clean, smooth piece of paper. Then they were asked to scrunch the piece of paper in a ball. We called the paper names and told lies about it. The children straightened out the paper again and said sorry, they wouldn't do it again. The wrinkles in the paper did not go away no matter how much they said sorry. The children realised that this is how a child may feel if they are being bullied. 

P.5. made posters about what do if they are being bullied.
P2 read the story of Rainbow Fish Learns how to be a Friend.

For Anti-bullying week P.3. focused on how we can treat each other with kindness. As a class we discussed how it makes us feel good when we are kind, helpful and friendly to others. We filled our school bags with things we can do and say to make the school happy for everyone.


P.7. learned about what cyber-bullying is and what to do if this should happen to them. They made posters about how to deal with cyber-bullying.
What a great day we had in school on the first day back of the new half term. All the children from P1-P7 got the opportunity to watch the Aladdin pantomime in the school hall.

Halloween fun in school!

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